What We Do

Our Mission

“To provide a better world to live and help needy people grow in this materialistic world”

Act of Kindness is an NGO consisting of enthusiastic volunteers who believe in creating a better world to live in. We try to bridge the gap between the donors and donee and believe in being part of solution rather than problem.

This is how we work

Our volunteers personally visit various orphanages, old age homes and many more institutions where we can assist them by any means. They meet the management team, gather all information, and understand their requirements and share it with our donors. Donors can select from any of requirements mentioned and can help the concern person or institute knowingly or anonymously.

What we give

Our motto is to be a helping hand for the person in need. We provide assistance through the available resources. We have been aid to people by providing people grains, medicines, clothes, footwear, and blankets during winter and list continues.

We not only believe in providing things, we are into contributing through service too. In our education project our volunteers have helped the girls of J.B. Girls Hostel, Ambavadi by teaching them. This initiative by our volunteers has led to better academic results for them. These were the girls who could not afford tuitions, but have aim to achieve big in life.

We have managed and will continue to bring smile to the face of these children’s. We took them to one day picnic OR inspirational movie followed by lunch or dinner.

As Mahatma Gandhi perfectly quoted: “The simplest Acts of Kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer “